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Helping You to Help Yourself!
English is at the centre of communication worldwide and London Language is here to help you progress in your communication skills: via Skype, online and face-to-face.
For more than 20 years, we have helped users of English within Europe and elsewhere.
So, if you are a professional who requires English in your field of expertise, a student who needs to reach your goals, or simply someone who wishes to improve your communication skills, London Language is here to help you realise your potential.
Language Services

General English: develop your existing language skills for personal use (e.g. travel, hobbies and interests, etc.). 

Business Communication: improve your business communication skills (e.g. Presentations, Networking, Meetings, Negotiations, Email and Report writing, etc.)

English Examinations: prepare for any Cambridge English Language exams (IELTS, FCE, CAE, CPE, etc.).

All language courses are available via Skype, online, or in person.

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London Language is experienced in identifying text and formatting errors to ensure your ideas are communicated.

Our professional proofreading service considers all texts and deadlines for a wide range of clients.

Our clients include businesses, students, academics, universities, along with other organisations.

London Language proofreads essays and dissertations, as well as material for social media, articles and reports.

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Copy Editing

London Language ensures the style of your text fits with your requirements.

Our background in English language tuition has provided us with a keen eye for checking written material for grammar, spelling, style, and punctuation issues, as well as fixing any problems with transitions, wordiness, or jargon.

We work with many clients in the public and private sectors wishing to use material required for websites, social media posts, publications, presentations, advertisements, etc.

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Translation Services

London Language has an academic background in Swedish, and is experienced in translating Swedish texts into English.

Translating into English, our company’s native language, ensures that the correct message is communicated to your readers.

Our clients include private individuals and businesses in the public and private sectors.

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“An amazing professional, very committed to deadlines and quality.”

“As a result of our collaborative work I got an A for my dissertation.”

“Keeps everyone concentrated and active during the lectures with great teaching methods.”

“Both reliable and competent in helping students develop language skills necessary for their professional needs.”

“Positive and encourages students to give their best in face-to-face and online courses.”

“I proudly recommend due to vast experience and scrutiny throughout translation and proofreading.”

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